December 5, 2009 – Drama by Sai Youth of West Bengal

Over 550 Sai Youth from the state of West Bengal came to Prasanthi Nilayam in the first week of December to have the darshan of Bhagavan and participate in the youth camp where many eminent speakers addressed them on the moral way of life with special emphasis on Bhagavan and His teachings. Some of them even shared their personal experiences with the youth. On the evening of December 5, 2009, the youth were blessed with an opportunity to present a drama entitled “Transformation – Individual to Global” in the Divine Presence. By 4:30 p.m., Swami arrived into the Sai Kulwant Hall and even as He moved for rounds, He asked a few members of the drama troupe as to what their presentation was about.

As soon as He reached the stage, Swami sent word for the State President of West Bengal and asked him to get the drama started with an introductory announcement. The announcement was made and the drama began directly - there were no offerings of flowers or cards as it generally happens with other groups.

The play was simple and powerful. Vivek is a lad who has grown up with Bal Vikas. He helps everyone around and is always cheerful as he considers his life to be in His hands. He inspires many members of his community to give up their bad habits and become better human beings. Testing times arrive in his life when twin tragedies strike - he is diagnosed with a brain tumour and he is also fired from his job with false accusations of corruption.

The last straw is when he collapses in the bazaar and is rushed to the hospital. The cost of the brain surgery is too high and when there seems no hope, a miracle of love takes place. Now this was the most powerful part of the drama. It moved everyone to tears and Swami too was very emotional.

One by one, people file into the hospital - barbers, vendors, sweepers - everyone who has been touched by Vivek and offer their whole life savings and persuade the doctor to proceed with the surgery. It was the powerful law of Karma in action - do good and the Universe returns the good to you manifold. It touched every heart to see the power of simple, innocent love.

The doctor's heart melts and he is overwhelmed. In the inspiration of the same love, he decides to waive the operation fee and does the surgery free of cost. At the same time, in accordance with the timeless maxim, Satyameva Jayate (truth alone triumphs), Vivek's boss apologises to him and offers back his job. A happy and grateful Vivek proclaims to the world the love of God who has arrived in human form at Puttaparthi. The proclamation was built up in crescendo and the climax was the burst of applause from the audience.

Swami is always moved by goodness. Simply viewing the drama had evoked powerful feelings of nobility in all hearts at the hall and Swami was naturally very moved. As it reached the climax, He called out to Vivek and materialized a beautiful golden chain for him. He put it around his neck and lovingly patted him on his cheeks. Vivek now was seized with joy and he seemed to have no idea as to how to express it.

He returned to the stage and the final song was sung. Swami then moved down the stage and gave group photos to all the participants. He had a special photo with Vivek and also had words of love and encouragement for him. These interactions with Swami leave such a powerful imprint on one's heart that it is no wonder that these people blessed thus by Swami also become heroes in real life!

Swami then distributed chocolates to all the members of the cast. He moved up the stage and told the state president that He was very happy. Turning to the youth He said, "I am very happy. The drama was very good. Now go, eat and take rest." He raised His hands in blessings for them. He also presented Vivek with the photograph copy of him receiving the chain from Him. He actually exhibited to everyone and there was a loud applause. Swami then asked for bhajans to begin.

After a couple of them, He asked for "Sri Raghavam" to be sung. Swami looks at the singer and says, "Shlokam" which means sing that bhajan which begins with the Sanskrit verse! As the bhajan began, Swami went briefly into the interview room. When He returned, He told the State President of West Bengal to call his counterpart from Punjab who was seated in the audience. Once that was done, Swami told the State President of Punjab to announce that the next day evening there would be a cultural presentation by the Sai Youth of Punjab.

There was all round jubilation and Swami asked for the aarthi to begin. After this, Swami blessed everyone and returned to Yajur Mandir in the chair itself as He has been doing for the past few days.

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