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The Governor of Rajasthan Sri Shilendra Kumar Singh is here for a couple of days. This evening, Sri Ashok Singhal of the VHP along with the Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura Math of Gokarna were here for Bhagavan's darshan. The second day of programmes by the Andhra youth consisted of distribution of material to the needy and group songs. Swami came for darshan at 4.30 pm, and when He came to the verandah after His darshan round, He blessed the group of Sai alumni working at the Barclays Bank who had won a prestigious award. He then came onstage to begin the proceedings at five o'clock. After a short speech, the names of the more than 100 beneficiaries were called out, and the needy were presented with implements for livelihood like electrician kits, wet grinders, sewing machines, plumber kits, computer education and so on. The distribution was followed by group songs for more than 45 minutes. Swami sent clothes for the participants, and went down from the stage for group photographs. After this He accepted arati at 6.15 p.m. and left for His residence in the car.

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This evening, the Sai Youth from Andhra Pradesh presented a drama. Bhagavan arrived at 5.10 pm for darshan, and after His darshan round, came onstage to begin the programme at 5.30 pm. The drama 'Prema Vahini' brought out the transformative qualities of the Village Service programme incorporating dances and songs. After the drama, Bhagavan blessed the participants by calling up the children for group photos, then going down from the stage for group photos with all the participants. He also sent watches for the participants while bhajans went on and prasadam was being distributed. It was 7.15 when Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence.

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Last evening, the Union Power Minister Sri. Sushil Kumar Shinde was at Prasanthi Nilayam for an audience with Bhagavan. This evening, Sai Schools from Gujarat presented their programmes in Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami came for darshan just before five o'clock and came onstage to begin the proceedings after a full round of the Hall and blessing the new students of Class I of the Primary School. Beginning with a dance in praise of Lord Ganesha, the children presented a half-hour drama "Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu" on the theme of Love and Peace for universal well-being. Next was another half-hour musical skit "Yoga for Salvation", demonstrating many Yogasanas and methods of Pranayama with tableaux depicting symbols of various religions. Bhagavan went down from the stage and blessed the performers with group photographs, interacting with them and giving them clothes for fifteen minutes. Prasadam was distributed as bhajans by the children went on. Two bhajans by them were followed by a bhajan by the students and arati at 6.45 pm.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In the last three darshan sessions, Bhagavan has blessed three people with chains. On Sunday morning, He interacted for a while with the elders from the institutions at Muddenahalli and Alike, and blessed one of the gentlemen there with a chain. Later, that evening, just before accepting Arati, He called up a first-year student of the Brindavan campus who had earlier studied in the Music College here, and blessed him with a chain. And this evening, just before going to the interview room after sitting onstage for a while, Swami called up one of the students and after a short interaction, put a chain around his neck. It was 6 pm when Swami emerged from the interview room and came onstage to accept Arati.

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