Volume 9 - Issue 10
October 2011
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Posted on : Oct 18, 2011


Tribute to Victor Kanu by kishin khubchandani


On Saturday, September 3, 2011 Brother Victor Krishna Kanu, the 'Great Sai-son of Africa', breathed his last in a hospital in Sierra Leone. The Mighty Oak of Education in Human Value of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Africa had fallen. All Sai devotees the world over were shocked and they prayed for his soul to merge with the Lord.


“Victor” as all devotees lovingly called him had total and complete faith in Swami; he had always surrendered to His will. Infact he walked, talked, and lived Swami. He and his wife Genevieve visited Puttaparthi several times every year and Swami always received them with love as He had a special place for him in his heart. Baba often gave them interviews and guided them through the many challenges they faced in the running of the schools in Zambia.

Being an educationist Victor was attracted to the Education in Human Value programme of the Sathya Sai Organisation. He visited Prashanti from the early 80’s and organized Education in Human Value workshops in the UK. In August 1986 he was one of the Sathya Sai Faculty members conducting the Sathya Sai African Conference on Education in Human Value and Community Services in Accra, Ghana. He gave an excellent account inthe African context and was blessed by Swami to conduct such workshop in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and many other African countries.

At an opening ceremony of a school in South Africa where he was the key note speaker he said that many African Countries are going through dictatorship, corruption, internal up-heaval and so on. Although most of the leaders and politicians are well educated and are university graduates, there are so problems in many countries because perhaps the present education system does not prepare the leaders well enough, and he felt that the Education in Human Value programme will assist in producing the right type of future leaders not only in Africa but in the world at large. Brother Victor Krishna Kanu championed the course of introducing Education in Human Value in many countries in Africa; infact he made this his objective in life.

Victor was of the firm believe that Africa will benefit tremendously from the love and teachings of Swami, he therefore travelled to many countries in Africa proclaiming His love and message. He believed that all violence and petty wars will stop if Swami’s love and teachings was spread throughout Africa. This was his vision and dream, and he worked hard to achieve it, and it is in quest of this that he went to Sierra Leone recently. Unfortunately his health did not keep pace with him. Although more or less blind with several other ailments he strove hard. Africa lost a great Sai-son.

May the Lord be pleased to receive him at His Lotus feet.

- Kishin Khubchandani
  Zone Chairman, Zone 9A, UK & Ireland


 - Radio Sai team 

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