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September 2011
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Posted on: Sept 30, 2011



- Conversation with Ms. Charu Sinha, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Anantapur range.

Part - 03

RS: Bhagawan Baba says everybody you meet in life is an embodiment of God. You deal with the harshest section of the society, hard-core criminals. How do you bring that discretion into your decision making when you are sitting right across from somebody who has committed a very heinous crime that would shake a normal person?

sathy sai baba  

CS: As mentioned earlier, Baba taught me to love the man and not the deed. Baba taught me this when I was in my first posting as ASP at Pulivendula. It was then that I came across a very heinous and grave crime which shook me up completely. It made me wonder how a human being could stoop so low and show such animal-like behaviour; I could not forgive that man.

I was so emotionally involved with my cases that I would feel anger towards these people, which was not right on my part. I had to learn to do my job in a detached manner. It was at this juncture that Baba said, ”Love the person and not the deed.” His words helped me differentiate between the person who was committing that crime in that particular body and the spirit which was untouched. He was going through his own lessons and in that process of learning doing whatever his ego-self or mind-self was making him do.

RS: So that was part of his journey?

CS: Right. And I had to understand and not judge him on the spiritual level.

RS: So we are all interconnected.

CS: Yes, who knows, we might have been a criminal ourselves in some previous birth. Probably that’s why I am able to understand him so easily.

RS: Sometimes when you are dealing with crimes that really shake you to the core, do you find your emotions taking over?

CS: The initial six years or so, yes, because till then every situation was a new situation. Whenever I would come across, manipulations, vested interests, lies, etc. I would get so disturbed and would keep asking why all this is happening. Also, being in the police force we so often interact with people with a negative mentality that we too tend to become cynical and negative. I had to consciously stay away from getting into such negative thinking and that was quite an effort. Again it was Baba who taught me not to be a negative person.

We were so awed by Him; we didn’t want to take our eyes off Him even for a second.

RS: Apart from all the inner guidance you have received from Bhagawan Baba, I understand He has spoken to you and your family in a personal interview as well. During that conversation, did He give you any advice for your professional life?

CS: No. Since my parents and both my younger sisters were there with me, it was all personal; He guided each one of us separately. He was answering the questions that were innermost in our minds. We were in fact not even voicing these questions. We were so awed by Him and we didn’t want to take our eyes off Him even for a second. And all the time He just kept looking at us, reading our thoughts and answering all our queries that were inside us.

  Ms. Charu Sinha being blessed by Bhagawan with the
most coveted Padanamaskar during His
85th Birthday Celebrations

RS: In your article that you wrote for H2H, you described Baba as your true friend and that He has always been there for you in the times of despair. What kind of despair does an IPS officer typically face that Baba has to intercede and guide her?  Walk us through a typical instance.

CS: In professional life, it is not uncommon that we face situations where friends or colleagues betray us. But as a sensitive, convent educated girl who was never exposed to these kind of situations, I would feel really let down. And during those initial days in the service, I didn't know how to get out of it. That’s when I would seek Baba and the guidance would come.

In one particular instance, it was around Diwali time, He sent a friend of mine from America to talk to me. He had said, “Tell her, a few months later a particular situation will come where she is going to be backstabbed by a senior officer. But she need not worry. I am taking care of her.” He added, “It is like a stick which the officer is going to use to hit her. But it is going to boomerang and hit the officer back.”

Six months later around March the following year, it happened exactly as indicated by Baba. In fact Baba had given a physical description of that officer.

RS: So you were able to judge?

CS: Yes, I was able to guess who that officer was with fair bit of certainty because there were two such people on the horizon at that point of time. Had Baba not forewarned me, I would have been very disturbed. But because I knew about it and was mentally prepared, I was able to face it with composure.

“Baba, what should I do? Where are You?" And suddenly I saw... '24 hours at your service'

RS: It must be wonderful to have such a clear guide and a mentor.

CS: Absolutely. Once I was traveling by car in Hyderabad after a turbulent meeting with certain officers, where I didn’t agree with a few ideas that were put forth. As I was coming back I was praying, “Baba, what should I do? Where are You?” And suddenly a water tanker which used to go around supplying water to different parts of the city loomed up large in front of me and behind the tanker was a photograph of Baba and below that it was written, '24 hours at your service'. He responded!

RS: You have served in so many districts of Andhra Pradesh, in many different capacities; you have seen the ugly underbelly of the society first hand. You conduct your professional life as a police officer keeping Bhagawan’s message and values in mind. How do you see the bigger picture? The kind of law and order situation India is going through with rising extremism and special interest groups asking for their share of the pie and violence is on the rise; as an experienced officer, where do you find the place for Swami’s teachings to solve our problems in this country?

Ms. Charu Sinha (first from right) on the dais with Bhagawan during the Annual Sports 2011 of SSSIHL

CS: I think Swami’s teachings are the beacon light which can show us the way out. But unfortunately, because not everybody believes in it at this point of time, it will take a while for things to get sorted out. Though the situation is not very bright right now, I have faith in what Baba has said, particularly about the golden age. Once it sets in, I am sure things will change.

RS: And we will have more IPS officers of your calibre who believe in the validity of Baba’s teachings.

CS: I sincerely hope lots of Baba’s students come into the service.

RS: In your professional graph, I notice you have been posted to two very significant places in Andhra Pradesh. Chittoor, where the shrine of Tirupati used to be located before it became a district by itself, and now to Anantapur, which is the geographical jurisdictional in which Puttaparthi is located. Is this very special?

CS: I am sure it’s a dream come true and am really grateful to Baba for this opportunity.

Atma has no gender. Let them not identify a woman as being a female body; let them understand,
what they are dealing with is basically another Atma.

RS: We are very happy for you and are also delighted to have a DIG who shares our passion for Bhagawan’s teachings.

CS: Thank you!

RS: My last question to you - you are an amazing role model for young Indian women, what would be your parting message to them?

CS: I would say, along with the right kind of values they need to bring in more positive energy into different sections of the society. If they do this, whatever profession they choose, it will really help to bring in the golden age. The second and most important thing for women is to be absolutely fearless and strong. Let no one tell them that they are less than divine. And for the young men, I would like to say that it is high time they learnt to treat women equally. Atma has no gender. Let them not identify a woman as being a female body; let them understand, what they are dealing with is basically another Atma.

RS: Those are very profound thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us.

CS: Thank you so much. Sairam.

RS: Sai Ram!

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