Volume 11 - Issue 01
january 2013
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Posted on : Feb 01, 2013



On Asia Stream



Thursday LIVE Downloads (January 31, 2013)

Here is the program schedule of the Thursday Live on January 31, 2013 with links to download the respective shows. Those of you who missed our live broadcast can download the various segments and listen to them at your leisure.

Also do send us your feedback after listening to these programs by writing to [email protected] We are eager to know what you feel about Radio Sai's Thursday Live feature.

6:30 am to 8:00 am:

Sunrise with Sai -  (Thought for the day, Divine Discourse)

Sunrise with Sai
9:40 am to 11:00 am:
Morning Glory - Conversation with Dr. Vamsee Juluri, author and Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco, USA;
Fleeting Moments Lasting Memories - Mr. S. Sriram

Morning Glory
11 am to 12:30 pm:
Service: Love in Action - Service activities in the South Indian state of Kerala: A special conversation with Prof Mukundan, the State President of the SSSSO, Kerala.
Service: Love in Action
12:30 pm to 2 pm:
Afternoon Sathsang - Does the End Justify the Means
Afternoon Sathsang
2 pm to 3:30 pm:
Love to Love - (A programme of English Devotional Songs)
Love to Love
3:30 pm to 4:15 pm:
Sri Sathya Sai Sandesha Jari (Telugu Broadcast)
Telugu Broadcast
6:15 pm to 7:30 pm:

Radio Sai Vedam Tutor - Sri Rudram
Radio Sai Bhajan Class Room
 - Nanda ke Dulare

Vedam And Bhajan Tutor
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm:
Hindi Broadcast - Shrimad Bhagvat Katha by Shri Rituraj Ji Maharaj - Part 19;
"Prasanthi Nilayam aisa dham" - song by Shri Anup Jalota and Shri Sumeet Tappoo;
Reading by Shri Rajiv Karmahe of the translation of a chapter from the book - "Love in Action" written by Shri N. Kasturi
Hindi Broadcast
8:30 pm to 9:45 pm:
Outside Inside and Deep inside - In tune with the Divine: Panel discussion with the Prasanthi Dance Group - Part 1
Outside, Inside and Deep Inside

Thank you and loving Sai Ram,
Team Radio Sai

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