Volume 12 - Issue 07
July 2014
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Posted on: July 03, 2014

Brahmanandam... Baba is Bliss

Sai Sadguru - Special Photo Gallery (July 2014)

One of the attributes of the Sadguru, the Supreme Preceptor, is 'Dvandvaa Teetham' which means, One who is beyond the world of dualities - the One who transcends this transitory phenomenon of pleasure and pain, agony and ecstasy. He is indeed 'Triguna Rahitam', the One who is far removed from all characteristics that shapes ordinary man, the One beyond all attributes. He is the One who energizes everything but in the same vein surpasses all that can be seen and felt. Like the Sun He sustains every being and thing, but exists only as a witness. Powering everything but at the same time unattached to anything, He is ever in Bliss... Brahmanandam. 'When I am alone, I am God' as Baba once revealed. Let’s transport ourselves to experience atleast a wee bit of that Superlative Bliss through these serene snaps.




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