Volume 15 - Issue 02
February 2017
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Posted on: Feb 4, 2017

Sai Ram Dear Readers,

Welcome to this second edition of the Radio Sai Facebook Sadhana roundup. Last week, we reported on the effusion of devotees' feelings when they were asked what seeing Swami meant to them. For devotees, the sight of Swami is so magical and overwhelming that it is all that remains in the heart. That experience never gets dulled, no matter how much water has flowed below the bridge of time. It is as good as the first time, every time. But, there is one experience that often gets overlooked or faded with time; an experience that was had, in most cases, even before the first sight of Swami Himself. And that is the first experience of stepping into His earthly Abode (either Prasanthi Nilayam or Brindavan). So, to let our Sai family worldwide relive and recharge their first such experience, we asked them how they felt the first time they came to Prasanthi Nilayam.

The first time I came to Prasanthi I ...

...The first night at PN, I dreamt of Swami riding a chariot in a war, just like He did as Krishna with Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He was riding hard, and fast pulling the reins He turned to me and asked "Won’t you join and help Me in the battle field?" I know He was asking me to join the work that He had come to do.

...I saw a halo around His hair and felt something I've never felt before. He allowed us to touch His feet, wrote OM for my little sister on her chalk-board and produced Vibhuthi for my mother. I knew He was the supreme, the GOD of GODS.
...I felt Bhagawan is the one who can help me pass my Maths 10th board paper... In fact I told Swami the same. He replied... Go ahead... I am behind you. To my surprise, I got 98 out of 100... Beyond imagination, because I used to always fail in maths paper!
...I felt a strong feeling that fully engulfed me with Love and I never wanted to return. I was crying madly when I saw Bhagawan. Then I felt very light and blissful… I had come to the one who I belonged to.
...I learned that there are no conditions to have faith and to love.
...Was mesmerized by the silence of humans and incessant chirping of birds.
...I was a kid of 5 to 6 yrs. Taking Padanamaskar, collecting sand where Swami walked, and eating cake were our motto then!
...I felt true peace in my mind and learned to live my life loving myself along with others.
...I had Swami’s Darshan and Padanamaskar, and it was love at first sight.
...I felt like I was in heaven-on-earth.... tears rolled down my face when I had my first physical Darshan of Swami that day.
...I felt blessed and it was like Sai Maa was waiting for me.
...I felt I had come to my true home. All worries and anxieties vanished. I felt everything was taken care of.
...I had a reunion with my master, best friend, mother, father who was walking physically as Swami.
...I felt that I entered into Daiva rajya or paradise. When I saw Swami coming into the Bhajan hall I saw a yellow coloured aura around Him.
...I was in a blissful state. Forgot all other worldly things and worries. Truly said it is Vaikuntha on earth.
...I was spellbound with Swami's Divine Darshan and sat numb in the first line staring at Swami's Beautiful form.
...I felt I had come back to my residence after living outside for some time.
...I felt like a lotus blossoming on the top of a mountain... the touch of God everywhere.
...It was my first visit for samadhi darshan… I felt vibrations enter my body and it made me witness the presence of Bhagawan.
...I was in tears on first sight of Swami and much later realised that He answered my silent intense prayers on that visit.
...I felt it seemed boring like in a village... But later on I came to know that I got peace there.

...I have never been to Prashanti, but whenever I watch live programme there I feel I'm in Prashanti very close to Swami, sitting in front watching everyone with His sweet smile!! I feel very bliss!!!


These responses open our eyes to Swami's amazing vision. He did not build an Ashram (hermitage/spiritual retreat) for people; He built for them a Nilayam (home). And for many devotees the experience of Prasanthi Nilayam is not very different from the experience of the Prasanthi Nivasa. This goes to say of the holiness bestowed on it by Swami. Prasanthi Nilayam is indeed a marvel of discipline and self-reliance, a scintillating spring of spirituality and a wholesome hope of homeliness. It is a prism that reveals the ideal life in dazzling 5D, through concretising the 5D's of Devotion, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Discrimination; all powered by its source, the 6th D - Divinity. So, the next time you think of or come to Prasanthi Nilayam, remember your first time too!
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- Radio Sai Team

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