Volume 15 - Issue 02
February 2017
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Posted on: Feb 9, 2017

Sai Ram Dear Readers,

We are here with the third edition of the Daily Radio Sai Facebook Sadhana roundup.
Swami has said, "Start the day with Love, Fill the day with Love; Spend the day with Love; End the day with Love. This is the way to God". A Love-suffused day, then, is not just a good day; it is a God-day, a Sai Day.

We asked the Sai family, by way of the Radio Sai Daily Facebook Sadhana, when they would consider any day as a Sai Day. The responses show that just as waters flow as many different tributaries and rivers but finally merge into the ocean, the activities of a Sai Day are of many different forms but ultimately merge together in being the expressions of Love for the Lord. Love, truly, is the royal road to Divinity.

My day is a Sai Day when I …….

...When I offer bhajans with full devotion to my beloved Sai Maa and get the chance to serve needy people.

...When I am able to feel and see all acts of mine as His very own, that is, which make others happy.
...When I am able to spread positivity and happiness through Seva.
...When I can see Sai in everyone and everything around. I should also be able to realize it is His Plan not mine.
...When I am happy, peaceful, in positive spirit and have patience.
...When I am able to do Namasmarana at all times while doing other daily activities.
...When I start doing what Swami wants from me - Love all Serve All; when I am involved in Satsang, helping the needy and meditating on Bhagawan and feeling His Love.
...When I can make Swami happy and say “He is proud of me”.
...When I am in full control of my "WATCH" (Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart).
...When I do not seek the rewards of my actions.
...When I love all and do not judge them.
...When I can bring a smile to any random soul.
...When I surrender everything to Sai maa.
...When I do all activities according to time management.
...When I bring change to my attitude.
...When I do good and see good.
...When I find love in every heart.
...When I really, really pine for His love and grace.

Love is unmeasurable. For that simple reason, love is limitless - there is no minimum quantity of love for it to be certified as "Love", nor can any quantity exhaust the possibility of further love. So, even the smallest act of love can qualify a day into a Sai Day. Can we, then, not make every single day a Sai Day, as Swami wishes?

Let us know how you make your day a Sai day in the comments below.

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- Radio Sai Team

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