Volume 15 - Issue 10
October 2017
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Posted on: Oct 25, 2017

When we are in deep pain and feel it’s all over
We hold on to Him
The sorrow slowly melts away, Sai takes over

When we feel lonely, lost and discarded
We hold on to Him
We are filled with solitude, we feel comforted

When happiness arrives from unknown quarters
We hold on to Him
In joy, we thank Him. Nobody else matters

When we are worried and anxious at every step
We hold on to Him
We feel strengthened, His energy lifts us up!

When desire grips us and all around it is only darkness
We hold on to Him
The sliver of His grace guides us, and fills us with brightness

When we are silent and away from disturbances outside
We hold on to Him
He takes us within, He takes us to Him, it is pure bliss inside

The feeling of 'holding on to Him' is so precious and priceless. In fact it is a unique privilege and a blessing conferred on all of us. It emboldens us and enlightens us.

How about expressing and sharing these sublime feelings? Wouldn't it be beautiful to ruminate on this and give your reflections a visible form either in the way of poetry, music, art or a short story?

That is a sadhana we request you to endeavour in as we prepare for Bhagawan's 92nd Birthday.

Our Invitation

We invite your submissions on this theme - 'Holding on to Him'.

You may do any of the following:

1) Create a beautiful painting or sketch or any artwork

2) Write a heartfelt poem or a short story (not more than 3000 words)

3) Compose a song and put it to music

Start sending your entries right away to [email protected] with the subject “Holding on to Him” and do remember to mention your name and country.

Our Assurance

1) We will collate all these expressions of devotional creativity and offer them at His lotus feet at the Sannidhi as our Birthday offering.

2) We will share some of the commendable submissions on our website so that the joy multiplies.

So you have a month to go! Pray, meditate and create your master piece!

92nd Birthday Graphic Art - Download


- Radio Sai Team

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