Volume 16 - Issue 03
March 2018
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Posted on: Mar 07, 2018

Quiz on Uncle Lion’s Tales - 1

Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
Right answer on your 2nd attempt
2 Points
Right answer on your 3rd attempt
1 Point

In May 2015, Radio Sai offered the first episode of Uncle Lion’s Tales series. The intention was to convey values in a visually engaging format, meant especially for children and teenagers.

Since then 85 such stories have been published and the response from viewers has been highly encouraging.

Even as we prepare to present more such animated value stories, maybe it is a good idea to revisit these tales and perhaps spend more time with them so that we make the most of what we have now.

Below are some suggested group specific activities for gurus of Bal Vikas / SSE / EHV to use as a guide for a class activity post joint viewing of the Episode of Uncle Lion’s Tales. A parent / grandparent viewing the episode with their ward can also use these to impart values / good habits.

We invite gurus to send in any other questions that they raised in class through which they were able to impart valuable teaching or provoke a meaningful discussion.

Questions Based on the story “The Echo” (Season 2 – Episode 4)

Appropriate for Group 1 (ages 6 to 9)

1. Given below is a sample quiz which could be used by a guru to achieve the teaching objectives for a class. These are just suggestions which we hope may be of use when the guru draws up a lesson plan for the class.

At a group 1 level, making the students listen to the 4 options for each question would itself be an exercise to teach patience and develop listening skills. It would be good to have two or more groups inside the class who could answer questions in turn.

What do you think “reflection” means? Name an object you use daily that reflects:



2. Which God plays the flute and grazes cows?



3. What did the little boy Krishna do when he was confused and angry?




4. What did Krishna call the "hiding boy”?  




5. What did the echo say when Krishna shouted "I don’t like you!”


6. Which of the following statements from the “hiding boy” made Krishna happy?



7. What is an echo a reflection of?




8. What did Androcles do for the lion?



9. By whom was this tale of Uncle Lion narrated.  And to whom?




10. What did Uncle Lion say in the end?


For Group 2 and Group 3 questions, go here please



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Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? Would you like more such quizzes? Please help us in serving you better by writing to [email protected] mentioning your name and country. Thank you for your time.

- Radio Sai Team

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