Volume 18 - Issue 04
April 2020
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Posted on: Apr 16, 2020

Radio Sai Painting/Sketching Competition

A Radio Sai 95th Birthday Offering

These are times when not only the devout and the pious but also those who are indifferent to prayer and used to question the rationale of calling out to an ‘unknown unverified power’, are also secretly praying.

Bhagawan says, “God’s heart is as soft as butter but it melts only when there is some warmth in your prayer. Unless you make disciplined effort, Grace cannot descend on you. The yearning is what wins you His grace.”

To inspire us to intensify our prayers, here is a call to all the artists out there to give shape and colour to their feelings and spiritual fervour.

If you are an artist or painter, go get your brush and pen, pencil and paint!

Radio Sai invites all artists to participate in a painting / sketching competition.

Topic: “Prayer – Man’s Strength, God’s Weakness and Nature’s Solace”

Last date for submission - May 10, 2020

Fill up this form to submit your creation please.

- Radio Sai Team

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