Volume 18 - Issue 06
June 2020
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Posted on: Jun 05, 2020

Live Satsangh by Team Radio Sai

 Topic: "Why bad things happen even when you do good?"

"It is all Karma!" 

This statement is often made with a sense of resignation.

What is this concept of Karma?

How does it work?

These are intriguing questions to ponder about and research. Based on the loving teachings of our beloved Bhagawan, Team Radio Sai is planning a Satsangh centred on Karma and its workings on the 13th of June at 7:00 pm.

Ask your questions in the comments section below. Answers to selected, relevant questions will be deliberated upon by the panellists.

Make sure your questions reach us by Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Thank you and loving Sai Ram,
Team Radio Sai

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