9 January, 2012
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What is the role of parents and teachers in moulding the character of students and youngsters? Bhagawan explains to us today.  

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sathya sai baba

When studying in the primary classes many children conduct themselves with humility, discipline and goodness. However when they reach the Secondary School, they lose some of these qualities. When they go to college, almost everything is gone! Why? It is the teachers who account for their discipline and good behaviour in the Primary School. In the higher classes and in colleges, is anything done through precept and practice to promote character and spirituality among the students? Today, education is sought for getting a job; this is not proper. Education is for developing right understanding. Students should imbibe culture along with academic knowledge. Spirituality and morality should be promoted among the students. Of all the professions in the world, that of the teacher is the most estimable. The teacher has to impart to the students what is good and ennobling. This should be developed in all educational institutions.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1990.

The whole world will prosper when students tread along the right path. - Baba