Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
09 May, 2013
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What should we thirst and crave for to make our earthly existence worthwhile? Bhagawan answers this for us today.  

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"Talk by Dr. Sekhar Boddupalli at the Flushing Sai Centre, NY - 24 Feb 2013 - Part 3"

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"Scintillating Moments with
Sweet Sai - Mr. Mayur Pandya,
Part 1"

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Sathya Sai Baba

The thirst for worldly goods can never be allayed; trying to satisfy it makes it only more acute. Thirst can never be quenched by drinking salt water, which is the objective world. Human desire is illimitable, without end. It makes you pursue the mirage in the desert, it makes you build castles in the air, it breeds discontent and despair once you succumb to it. But develop thirst (thrishna) for Krishna, and you will discover the cool spring of bliss within you. The name of Krishna makes you strong and steady, it is sweet and sustaining. Whoever has the thirst, Krishna will quench it; whoever calls on Him in the agony of that thirst, Krishna, the rain-cloud, will answer that call and appear.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 14, 1964.

Keep the name of the Lord always radiant on your tongue and mind, which will keep the antics of the mind under control. - Baba