Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
15 May, 2013
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What should we do to win Peace and Joy as our inseparable companions in this life? Bhagawan gives us valuable suggestions today.  

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"Spotlight Prasanthi Nilayam - Mr. Hari Nandakumar and Dr. Muralidhara Rao regarding the Planetarium"

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"Get Inspired: The
Buttermilk Vendor"

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Sathya Sai Baba

Just as you attend to the needs of the body regularly, feeding it three times a day to keep it in good running condition, so too spend some time regularly to keep your inner consciousness in good trim. Spend one hour in the morning, another at night and the third in the early hours of the dawn (the Brahma Muhurtha) for japam (contemplation) and meditation on the Lord. You will find great peace descending upon you and new sources of strength welling up within as you progress in this spiritual practice (Sadhana). After sometime, the mind will dwell on the Name, wherever you are and whatever you are engaged in. Peace and Joy will become your inseparable companions.

- Divine Discourse, Mar 25, 1958.

Bhajan, Sathsang and Dhyana done with the mind soaked in love will confer Peace,
Joy and Wisdom.
- Baba