Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
31 May, 2013
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How can we make sure that our prayers reach the lord? Bhagawan guides us with a simple example.  

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"Fleeting Moments - Lasting Memories - Mr. Balaramachandran - Part 1"

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"Videos: Buddha Poornima Celebrations - 25-25 May 2013"

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Sathya Sai Baba

The Lord cares for your concentration (Ekagratha) and purity of mind (Chittashuddhi). You need not worry if you are near or far from Him. He has no ‘near’ or ‘far’. When the address you write is correct and clear, your letter will be delivered whether it is to the next street or a distant city. Remembering the Lord (Smarana) is the stamp. Recapitulating His Glory in your heart (Manana) is the Address. Select any Name that appeals to you for Smarana and Manana. Be careful not to talk ill of other Names and Forms. Conduct yourself like the woman in a joint family. She respects all elders in the family (father in law or brother in law), but her heart is dedicated to her husband, whom she loves and reveres in a special manner. Never carp at others’ faith, it reveals that your devotion is fake. If you are sincere, you will appreciate the sincerity of others.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 15, 1964.

When we practice Right Conduct (Dharma), the Divinity within us will manifest itself spontaneously - Baba