Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
18 June, 2013
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How can we perceive the Atma? Why should we control the senses? Bhagawan gives us valuable instructions today.  

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"Spotlight Prasanthi Nilayam
- Dr. Voleti Chowdary - Director, SSSIHMS Prasanthigram"

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"A Teacher’s Awakening to True Wisdom - conversation with Prof. J. Hemalatha, Part-3"

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Sathya Sai Baba

All knowledge and experiences are associated with the mind externally. They do not go beyond the mind. The aspirant who seeks to experience the Atma will not be able to have it by performing worldly actions. The Atma is all-pervading. The Cosmos is permeated by the Chaitanya (Atmic Consciousness). When there is a pot with water, we can directly see the sun's reflection. Absence of a pot does not mean that there is no sun or reflection of the sun. Irrespective of whether there is a body or not, whether there is a mind or not, the Atma is present. There is no need for a body or mind to experience the Divine. Until this is properly understood, good care has to be taken of the body, the senses, the mind and the intellect. They have to be set on the right course and not allowed to go astray. All troubles arise because the senses take to wrong paths.

- Divine Discourse, May 30, 1990.

When the heart is filled with good thoughts and feelings, all that comes out of the senses
- your speech, your vision, your action - will all be pure. - Baba