Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
22 Aug, 2013
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Why should the path pointed out by our intellectual reasoning be tread cautiously? Bhagawan gives a profound message emphasising the importance of devotion.  

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"Shravanam Mananam Nidhidhyasanam - Episode 6"

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"Follow the Master
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Intellect loves to revel in discussions and disputations. Once you yield to this temptation, it takes a long while for you to escape from its shackles and move on to enjoy the bliss, which you can attain only from its nullification. Your feelings and emotions warp your thought process, and convert reason into an untamed bull. Always be aware of the limitations of reason and logic. They must give way and yield to devotion. After a point in time, your spiritual path must be illumined by devotion and intuition. Hence, be aware – your intellect can help you only for some distance along the Godward path. Very often, egoism tends to encourage and justify one’s actions, for a person is led along the wrong path by one’s own reason, if that is the path the person likes! You often come to the conclusion you want to reach! So make a careful choice on the path you tread!

- Divine Discourse, Apr 12, 1959.

Sathya Sai Baba
Minimize your tendency to discover or discuss the evil in others, for the attempt will tarnish your own minds. - Baba