Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Aug, 2013
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Having come in contact with the Lord, what should our endeavour be in life? Bhagawan answers by reminding us of the rare fortune that has come our way.  

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"Talk by Mr. Sanjay Sahni - Principal, Brindavan campus of SSSIHL - 4 May 2004 during the Buddha Poornima celebrations at Brindavan"

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"His Biggest Manifestation for Me...His Love - An Interview with Prof. Anil Kumar"

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Never get shaken in your mind, never let your faith waver or decline. That will only add to the grief you already suffer from. Make it your vow to be steadfast in your faith. Whoever is your chosen deity - Shiva, Devi, Krishna, Allah, Baba or Jesus, hold on to them tight! Do not lose the contact and the company, for it is only when the coal is in contact with the live embers, that it can also become a live ember. Cultivate nearness to Me in the heart and you will be rewarded. Then you too will acquire a fraction of the Supreme Love. This is a great chance. This chance will not come your way again, beware of that. If you cannot and do not, cross the sea of grief now, taking hold of this chance, when again can you get such an opportunity? Indeed you are very fortunate.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1964.

Sathya Sai Baba
Worship with faith and you will experience Grace. Faith results in Grace, without your being aware of it! - Baba