Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
17 Nov, 2013
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Why is it insufficient to just possess or merely read holy books? What must we do to earn complete benefit from them? Bhagawan explains and motivates us today.  

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"Fleeting Moments Lasting Memories - Mr. Gautam Dutt - Part 1"

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"Video: Tryst with Divinity
- Ms. Phyllis Krystal, Recorded
in Aug 2013"

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Sathya Sai Baba

There is no dearth of good books, telling you how to live happily and be free from grief, and many thousand copies of them are being purchased. Yet there is nothing to indicate that the content in the books have been read and assimilated. The habits, conduct, and character of the readers of these books have not undergone any change for good. Egoism and greed are still rampant; hatred has not abated and envy eats into the vitals of the society. Henceforth, do not treat My words lightly. Decide to implement in your life, atleast one advice for your spiritual growth. Every one of you must examine your mental make-up and see whether you have used your discrimination and scientific temper (Viveka and Vijnana) to clothe yourself with detachment (Vairagya), so that you do not suffer from the attachment to the worldly objects.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 22, 1960.

Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested. - Baba