Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
20 Nov, 2013
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How can we see and understand our true Self? Bhagawan commands us on the first and most important steps in this endeavour.  

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"Conversation with Mr. Amey &
Mr. Aravind - service activities in Trinidad and Tobago - 2"

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"Sathya Sai Speaks: The True Mark of Every Personality and Society - Morality"

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Have you ever visualised Viswa Virata Swarupa (the Cosmic Form)? Earth, water, sky, etc., can be seen in it. The universe is made of five elements, and the same five elements are present in you too. So, you are Viswa Virata Swarupa. God is in you and in everybody. So hurting others amounts to hurting God. Do not criticize and find fault with others. Love all, Serve all. First of all respect, adore, and worship your parents. They constitute the real wealth of your life. The blessings of your parents will confer health and wealth on you. God comes to you on His own when you love and serve your parents. We need not go to God but should make God come to us. One can select one’s wife, but not one’s parents. Only God (when He comes in human form) selects His parents. I wish that you obtain the blessing of your parents and set an ideal for the rest of the world.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 19, 1998.

Sathya Sai Baba
Your heart is a large vessel. Fill it generously with qualities of Truth, Love and Sacrifice.