Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Nov, 2013
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When all are one, why should we have any kind of segregation in society? Bhagawan explains to us, so that we do not misunderstand and lose sight of the main purpose.  

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"Fleeting Moments, Lasting Memories - Mr. Gautam Dutt - Part 2"

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Sathya Sai Baba

A bullock cart cannot move on rails nor a locomotive on the road. Each type of vehicle has its own type of road. But all move forward and reach the goal in their own good time. Same is the case, whatever be your functional role (Varna) in the society. Each Varna has its own set of rules, regulations and restrictions. Be it the Varnas or Ashramas (the various stages of life with their fixed duties), they are merely convenient arrangement for the conduct of worldly affairs and paths to attain supra-worldly joy. Whether head or heels, it is the same blood that circulates through each; it is the same body which claims them as limbs. Each limb has to perform its task, the task for which it has specialised. You cannot walk on your head or think with the feet. Whichever section of society you may belong to, the Lord is revealed when the heart is pure.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 25, 1964.

The day you recognize your own faults, you will begin to understand the
ways of the Divine. - Baba