Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
23 Jan, 2014
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What is the connection between what we do with our senses and the quality of the life we lead? How can we lead a pollution-free-life? Bhagawan explains to us today.  

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"Radio Sai Pictures Story
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Sathya Sai Baba

Control your tongue as it always craves for a variety of delicacies. Ask yourself this question, “O tongue, how many bags of rice, wheat and vegetables, how many delicacies have you tasted? Fie on you if you are still unsatisfied!” Eat sufficiently to satisfy your hunger and sustain your body, without giving undue importance to taste. Likewise, your eyes must see God instead of watching unsacred things on the television or video. May your ears listen to the stories of the Lord instead of vain gossip. All that you see and hear gets imprinted on your heart and unsacred things pollute it. When your heart is polluted, life becomes meaningless. Human heart is like a pen. The colour of the words that you write will be the same as the colour of the ink in the pen. God expects you to fill your heart with love. Then, all that you think say and do will be suffused with love and your life shall become sacred.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 22, 2000.

Just as fire is needed till the rice is cooked, so also, spiritual practices are needed till you realize your innate Divinity. - Baba