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26 Jan, 2014
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What is the most direct lesson the Mahabharatha teaches us? Bhagawan explains to us today.  

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The life of Shakuni in Mahabharatha is a classical case study. He was the epitome of bad company and bad thoughts. He was not only the maternal uncle of Duryodhana, but also his confidant. The ego of Duryodhana reached a climax, on account of the counsel of Shakuni. Ego does not have the power of discrimination. Duryodhana entered into bad actions and followed the bad counsel given to him. Shakuni is well known for his evil ideas, Duryodhana for his egoism and Dushasana for his wrong behavior. Karna was a noble one. But on account of the bad company he was in, he was ready to perform bad deeds. Hence the ancient quote, “Bad association causes bad acts”. Karna became notorious, because of his evil association. These are the lessons Mahabharatha holds out for us. You must be aware of the above and take adequate care.

- Divine Discourse, 'My Dear Students', Vol 2, Ch 1.

Sathya Sai Baba
Service expresses the Divinity hidden in a human being. It broadens one's heart, destroys narrow-mindedness and gives delight. The evil qualities and tendencies in us can be driven away through service. - Baba