Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
28 Jan, 2014
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What is the meaning of ‘Ceiling on Desires’? Why should we practice it? Bhagawan lovingly gives us a profound explanation today.  

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"Conversation with Mr. H. Srinivasulu - Head, Techno Group of SSSSO - first aired live on - 2 Jan 2014"

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"Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom:
Ganesha Sharanam Parama

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People are deluded by unlimited desires. They live in a dream world, forgetting the Supreme Consciousness. It is very important to keep desires under control and place a ceiling on them. Instead of inordinately spending for our own pleasure, we should offer money for the relief of the poor and needy. Do not make the mistake of thinking that giving away your money for good and noble purposes is all that is needed to practice ceiling on desires. While giving to the needy is good, it is equally important that you do not allow your own desires to continue to multiply; both should happen. You must curtail your desires, as materialistic desires lead to a restless and disastrous life. Desires are a prison. You can be freed only by restraining your wants. Limit them to only what you truly need in life. This is the real meaning of ‘Ceiling on Desires’.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 21, 1988.

Sathya Sai Baba
Control your desires. Do not waste money, time, food or energy. - Baba