Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
15 Feb, 2014
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What does God expect of us for all the gifts He has bestowed upon us? Bhagawan Himself explains to us today.  

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"Conversation with India's Got Talent finalist, Deepraj Rai from Sikkim - first aired live on 10 Jan 2013"

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"Paramam Pavitram Baba
Vibhutim - the Making of the
Wondrous Holy Ash"

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Do not think that God is at some distant place. He is with you, nearer than your most beloved family. Develop good qualities. Be a part of the society by undertaking noble activities. God (Bhagawan) does not expect anything from you nor does He need anything. All He cares for is your good reputation. The body is bound to perish. No one can escape death, even if they hide themselves in a forest. Do not worry about it. Continuously develop virtues as they will remain with you and protect you always. Use your discrimination, but this should not be individual discrimination, but be discrimination at the societal and universal level. Only then truth and right conduct will prevail. This should be the barometer for your conduct.

- Divine Discourse, 'My Dear Students', Vol 2, Ch 1.

Sathya Sai Baba
Practice the attitude of offering every act at the Feet of God as a flower is
offered in worship. - Baba