Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
22 Apr, 2014
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Why is selfless service so vital to a spiritual life? Bhagawan answers the question with an illustration, explaining the benefits of service for us today.  

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"Gratitude program by the outgoing batch of the Brindavan campus, SSSIHL - 23 Mar 2014"

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"The Vision of the Jagadguru
- Speech by Mr. Sanjay Sahani
- 4 May 2011"

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Sathya Sai Baba

The Gita advises that service to the society (Sangha) is the highest service (Seva), as well as the most beneficial spiritual discipline (Sadhana). No one can run away from this obligation; you have to use the community wherein you are born for sublimating your ego and saving yourself. Service taken up as a Sadhana teaches fortitude (Sahana). That is why Krishna directed Arjuna to engage in battle to win back his share of the Kingdom, and ensure for the people righteous administration and an atmosphere wherein they can strive successfully to attain salvation. This he had to do in a spirit of dedication and surrender to the will of God, irrespective of his own likes and dislikes, and the consequences that might flow from his unselfish activities. Even Avatars (incarnations) demonstrate in their lives the supreme importance of Seva.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 11, 1968.

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