Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Apr, 2014
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How should we bring forth the Divine principle from within? How do we know we have achieved it? Bhagawan explains to us through practical and memorable examples.  

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Fire emerges when one wooden stick is rubbed against another. Can two sticks placed next to each other produce the fire? No. Fire though latent in them, emerges only through the act of rubbing of the sticks. What do these sticks symbolize? The sticks represent the human body. The fire of wisdom (jnana) is present in subtle form within us since our birth and is inert. Spiritual effort (Sadhana) is the process of rubbing the sticks. Where is the butter present in the milk? Butter has always been present in the milk and could be obtained only after the milk had been converted to curd and the curd was churned. Once butter is obtained from the buttermilk, it remains as butter without becoming milk. Likewise, in the human body, a divine power pervades every part of the body, which, after the experience of a Sakshatkar (vision of the Divine) will not be attached to the body.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 18, 1991.

Sathya Sai Baba
Sadhana is essential because the effects of Karma must be removed by Karma alone, just as a thorn (sharp instrument) is needed to remove another thorn - Baba