Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
16 May, 2014
Featured on Radio Sai:
Why is it truly irrational to have a big ego and how do we remedy it? Bhagawan lovingly and lucidly explains to us today.  

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"Love to Love - a musical selection
on Time - first aired live on
- 19 Sep 2013"

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H2H Special:
"Recalling Annamayya and
His Immortal Devotion - by
Dr. Shobha Raju"

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Sathya Sai Baba

In the Solar System the Earth is a miniscule entity. Asia is small in comparison to the Earth. Within Asia, India is just one country and within India, the district of Anantapur is still smaller; and Prasanthi Nilayam within Anantapur is tinier in comparison. Within Prasanthi Nilayam, you perhaps stay in one room. Then, why should you have an ego that is bigger than the Universe in its totality? This is totally an act of delusion, arising from ignorance. In fact, a great scholar, devotee and role model on the path of spirituality from ancient yore, Bhartruhari stated, “Out of ignorance I behaved like an elephant in rut thinking that there is no one superior to me. Because of the Divine Vision of sages and their teachings, I learnt the truth. Just as a disease can be cured by taking appropriate medicine, the fickle mind can be subdued by the Darshan and the teachings of sages and scholars.”

- Divine Discourse, 'My Dear Students', Vol 2,Ch 10, Jun 26, 1989.

To eliminate your ego, you must consider yourself a servant of servants (daasaanu-daasa). - Baba.