Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
25 July, 2014
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What should be the primary objective of every single being in this Universe? Bhagawan sweetly reminds us today.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

Is there any object in the world without a creator? Consider a loud speaker. It has the power to broadcast sound, way beyond any individual’s voice and must take someone with required knowledge and skill to design and produce it. He or she may be in Germany, Switzerland or Japan, and perhaps invisible to you! Without that person, would this loudspeaker have come into existence? No! Similarly for everything that you enjoy in this world, there is a Creator. The stars that twinkle, the Sun and the Moon that illumine the world have been created by a Supreme Infinite Power. It is obvious to us that no ordinary person can create these super objects and ensure they are still working, after billions of years. Scriptures (Vedas) describe to us that this Super Power is Aprameya (One beyond description, beyond all proofs and limitations). The primary objective of every being in this Universe must be to seek and understand this Infinite Power.

- Divine Discourse, March 1, 1981.

The uniqueness of every being is one of the marvels of creation. Defect lies in vision, not in creation. So purify your vision and sanctify your heart. - Baba