Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 July, 2014
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What is the torch we must acquire to tread safely and bravely through the dark spots in our life’s journey? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.  

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"Chinna Katha Program by the students of SSSIHL during the Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality 2014"

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"This Life is For Him - Conversation with Mr. Y. Sivaramkrishaiah, Principal, SSSHSS"

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Sathya Sai Baba

When you walk on the road in an evening and suddenly find a thick piece of long rope lying on the ground, instinctively you think of it as a snake and get scared! Where did this fear come from? How does it disappear? Did the snake change into a rope for your fear to disappear? No! The rope is still a rope, you mistook it to be a snake! The hallucination effect you had is a result of the worldly point of view. Realize that the whole world is a manifestation of the Divine (Brahman). Your vision is blurred by ignorance, illusion and hallucination, which sees the world as material objects and not as Divine Creations. Know that all you see in the world and think as real is actually unreal and false. The spiritual point of view clarifies your vision, and will let you experience truth as truth and will remove any fear.

- Divine Discourse, Dec 25, 1980.

Purify your emotions, strengthen your mind to resist the force of ignorance and the wiles of the senses – then you are assured of peace and joy. - Baba