Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
22 Nov, 2014
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What are the benefits every student must receive from education? Bhagawan lovingly highlights the promise a good student holds for the Universe.  

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"Outside Inside Deep Inside - Nurturing Character - Part 2 of episode aired live on 14 Jun 2012"

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"Modern Education's Divine Manifestation… Blending the Ancient with the New"

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A real student is one who contemplates and understands the value of the education being received. Higher knowledge (Vijnana) and Supreme wisdom (Prajnana) are not merely products of education that can be acquired by learning or listening. Everyone can develop these sacred powers through culture and refinement gained through education and consistent practice. What is culture? Culture is the conscious effort put in by every being to achieve a transformation in their daily lives from untruth to truth, from non-conformance to scriptures to conformance to scriptural authority, and from evanescence to eternity. It is a spiritual journey towards Divinity. Human beings are embodiments of truth. Everyone must persevere to protect the practice of Truth (Sathya) and Righteousness (Dharma), which in turn will protect the Universe. If you succeed in doing so, the whole world will enjoy peace and prosperity.

- Divine Discourse, 21 Nov 2002.

Sathya Sai Baba
Culture means giving up one's bad conduct, bad behaviour and bad deeds and cultivating good thinking and fostering good sentiments that lead to good actions. - Baba