Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
23 Nov, 2014
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What is the best gift that we can offer to Bhagawan Baba on His 89th Birthday? Bhagawan answers this question with His choicest preference!  

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Many must be thinking about the gift to offer Swami on His Birthday. The present given to God must be pure, steady and selfless Love. You can rejoice that you have given the Lord a real gift only when you love your fellowmen, share their sufferings, and engage in serving them. Adopt villages and make them ideal villages. Rich and powerful have plentiful servants. The distressed, the poverty-stricken, and the diseased have no one to serve them. Go to them and be their friends and relatives, their closest well-wishers. Let them welcome you as such. Do not pour spirituality into the ears of those who are tortured by hunger and afflicted by pain. First satiate their hunger. Serve them as God and give food, clothes, and medicines and then teach them spirituality. I bless you with long life, good health, bliss, peace and prosperity. May you devote your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual strength and skills for the service of the Universe.

- Divine Discourse, 23 Nov 1982.

Sathya Sai Baba
'Selfless Love' is God’s gift to all of you. Share it freely with everyone in the Universe. - Baba