Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
19 Jan, 2015
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What is the significance of cultivating true love? Bhagawan explains this most important aspect for us today.  

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"Concert by Ms. Dana Gillespie on
24 Nov 2014 during the 89th Birthday celebrations"

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"The Chennai Citizens’ Conclave - Divinity Diffuses All Differences"

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Sathya Sai Baba

All your actions must be aimed at purifying your minds and hearts to experience the Divine. When the heart is pure, the light of wisdom shines. The illumined heart becomes the receptacle of pure love. A person without love is a living corpse. Love is not the relationship between man and woman, or between man and other objects. It is the inherent life-force in every being. "I am the Spirit immanent in all beings (Mamaatma Sarvabhootaatma)”. The Divine Self is present in all beings and has no form. It is experienced as Love. Love is our lifebreath, our soul! Young and old alike, must cultivate steady, unchanging, and unwavering love. All of you must be filled with a sense of selfless dedication, arising from service to others (seva) in which there is no egoistic pride. Revel in giving rather than receiving.

- Divine Discourse, 6 May 1985.

A true human being is one, who is filled with pure, unselfish love! – Baba