Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
21 Jan, 2015
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What are the wonderful experiences one has during the advent of an Avatar? And why does one fail to capitalise the Presence completely at times? Bhagawan explains through the words of Arjuna in ‘Bhagavatam’.  

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"Service in the Name of Sai - Seva in New Delhi - Mr. Cheema - Part 2"

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"Comic Series - His Story
Chapter 16, Part 1
- The Unexpected Visitor"

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“When the Lord takes on the deluding human form, He moves with us, mixes and dines with us, behaves as our very own kinsman, well-wisher, friend, and guide; and also saves us from many a calamity that threatened to overwhelm us. He showered divine mercy on us and solved the toughest problems that defied solution, in remarkably simple ways. When He was near and dear to us, we were carried away by pride that we had His grace and did not try to fill ourselves with that supreme joy, to dive deep into the flood of His grace. We sought from Him mere external victory and temporal benefits, ignoring the vast treasure that could have filled our hearts. We never contemplated on His reality. We might be born many times over, but can we ever have such a friend and kinsman again?”, remarked Arjuna recounting the time he spent with Krishna.

- Ch 10, Bhagavatha Vahini.

Sathya Sai Baba
Avatars come in the world to teach humanity the way of love. – Baba