Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
18 Apr, 2015
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What should we pray for from the Lord and why? Bhagawan lovingly teaches us today.  

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'Afternoon Satsang - Understanding Love - first aired on Thursday Live on Asia Stream'

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'The Piercing Pain of Losing the
Only Beloved and Learning to
Love Him Truly'

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You should not pray to God seeking this favour or that. The reason is no one knows what immensely precious, Divine and magnificent treasures lie in the treasure-house of Divine Grace. You can never know what God intends or desires to give you, His devotee. Under such situations by asking for trivial and petty things, you are demeaning His Divine estate. Hence do not seek from God, nor desire, nor pray for petty trinkets. More precious and desirable than anything else is God's love. Hence Mother Meera sang: "Oh heart, drink the nectar of Divine love." If you must ask for anything from God, then pray to Him thus: "O Lord! Let me have You alone." Once you have secured the Lord, you can get anything you want. When you can get the precious Divine love, why crave for anything else?

- Divine Discourse, 9 Oct 1989.

Sathya Sai Baba
What everyone should seek is the grace of the Divine which is a treasure greater than all the wealth in the world. - Baba