Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
19 Apr, 2015
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What should be the primary objective on our minds when we pray? How will a person with selfless love be? Bhagawan reminds us today.  

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'Gurur Devo Bhava - Drama by Sri Sathya Sai Bala Gurukulam School, Mathigiri on 15 Feb 2015'

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'The Power of Prayer - by
Prof. G. Venkataraman'

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Sathya Sai Baba

An unfortunate sign of the Kali age is that everyone goes to a temple or place of worship only to get trivial benefits. If you can win over the Lord Himself, what is beyond your reach? Sage Tyagaraja clearly declared, "Rama, if only I have Your grace (anugraha) no planets (navagrahas) can do any harm." The fortitude derived from love of the Lord, endows you with self-confidence. Self-confidence generates an immense internal power. Everyone must develop this power. Develop this self-confidence so that you can experience Atma-Ananda (bliss of the Self). The person filled with love of the Lord has great peace of mind, is pure at heart and is unruffled by any adverse circumstances, failures or losses. Love must be free from feelings of expectation. Love which arises out of a desire for something in return is not true love. Develop totally selfless and motiveless love.

- Divine Discourse, 9 Oct 1989.

Where there is confidence there is love, where there is love, there is peace. - Baba