Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
22 Apr, 2015
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For our devotion what acknowledgement should we aspire from the Lord? Bhagawan lovingly teaches us a beautiful lesson.  

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Many call themselves devotees, but this claim means nothing by itself. When you write a letter, unless it is acknowledged by the recipient, you cannot be sure of where you stand. Likewise, whether one is a devotee or not should be declared by the Lord Himself. Arjuna did not say to Krishna: "I am Your devotee." Nor was Lord Krishna content in announcing: "Arjuna, you are my devotee." Why did Lord Krishna choose to say: "You are My friend and devotee”, instead of calling Arjuna either a ‘friend’ or a ‘devotee?’ There is a profound spiritual significance in this declaration, which will become clear only when you practice the spiritual life. If Krishna were to say to Arjuna, "You are My friend", Arjuna’s ego will be inflated and he will take undue liberties with Krishna. If He were to say, "You are my devotee," Arjuna will become extremely submissive. Hence Lord Krishna declared, “Arjuna, you are My devotee and friend."

- Divine Discourse, Trayee, July 1988.

Sathya Sai Baba
God alone is truly selfless as your friend and benefactor for all times to come. - Baba