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27 Aug, 2015
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What are the most important precepts a teacher must give his or her students? Bhagawan explains drawing the example of Gurus of yore.  

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The Gurus (preceptors) of the past taught only from experience; they loved their pupils and sought to correct their faults and failings, that is how their students lead happy and useful lives. When the pupils finally left the Guru’s home, he exhorted them to follow two guidelines (Sutras) which were as essential for life as the two eyes (netras) - Speak the truth; Walk on the path of righteousness (Satyam vada, Dharmam chara). The Guru had the faith that the pupil (shishya) would take the advice to heart, for he himself was the living proof of their value and validity. The Guru always takes great care to remove from the heart of the pupil the weeds of evil habits and tendencies, and implant therein the seeds of love. He insists on spiritual discipline (sadhana) for purifying the pupils’ minds and to render them strong enough to overcome temptations of all kinds. Virtue and character alone marks a truly educated person.

- Divine Discourse, Jun 21, 1979.

Sathya Sai Baba
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Live without hating others, condemning others, and seeking faults in others. – Baba