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21 Oct 2015
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What is the purpose of the Navarathri celebrations? Bhagawan clearly explains to us today.  

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Goddess Durga represents the power of Nature (Prakruthi-Shakti) and Goddess Lakshmi represents the thought power (Sankalpa-Shakti). Goddess Saraswati represents the power of speech (Vak-Shakti). It is to acquire these three powers that the various forms of worship are performed during the Navarathri festival. But prayers alone are not enough. Prayers issue from the lips, but they should emanate from the heart. The heart (hridaya) symbolises the Ocean of Milk (Ksheerasagara) from which emerges Mother Lakshmi. When Goddess Lakshmi emerges, purity of speech follows. Whatever you speak must conform to truth. Renunciation (Vairagya) is not abandonment of hearth and home, and retiring to a forest. It means developing divine thoughts and reducing worldly feelings. It is when this balanced development takes place that you acquire Prakruthi-Shakti (control over the power of Nature). When these powers are secured, your mental power, peace and bliss increases.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 04, 1992.

Sathya Sai Baba
Of what use is to celebrate festivals, if you do not change your old ways
of thinking and behaving? - Baba