Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
20 Nov 2015
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What is the role we must accord to women's spiritual education and why? Bhagawan lovingly reinforces to us today.  

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'Childrens Hour - Episode 23 - first
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'Sai Stree Shakti Series - Mother Eswaramma: An Exalted Devotee'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Past, present, or future, women are the backbone of progress and the heart of the nation. In fact they are its very breath. Charged with holiness, they play the chief role in the dharma of life. No nation can be built without investing in the culture of its women. The world can be lifted to its pristine greatness only through women mastering the science of realisation of Reality (Atma-vidya). If a nation is to have lasting prosperity and peace, women must be trained through an educational system that emphasises moral conduct and moral qualities. Every woman must be able to understand the problems of the family, society and the countries. She must render such service and help as she can, within the limits of her resources and capacity, to the family, community and the country. The present downfall in moral standards and absence of social peace is due to the neglect of this aspect of women's education.

- Dharma Vahini, Ch 5.

Every woman's mission is to bring home the practice of righteousness and morality. - Baba