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31 Dec 2015
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What are the two internal enemies every spiritual aspirant must battle? Bhagawan explains and clarifies today.  

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'Talk by Sri S. Sai Manohar - Asst. Professor at the Muddenahalli campus, SSSIHL - 16 Oct 2015'

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'The Eight Flowers that Please
God - by Dr. Narendranath Reddy'

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These are the two chief enemies of every spiritual aspirant: Conceit (that you know everything) and Doubt (Is it or is it not). Simply decide to be firmly fixed in your reality. If that is pure, everything is pure. If that is true, everything is true. If you wear blue eyeglasses, you see only blue, even though Nature is resplendent with many colours. So too, if the world appears to you as full of differences, that is due only to the fault in you. If all appears as one love, that too is only your love. The feelings within you, is the cause in both situations. The question that may arise next is whether the Lord has faults, for He too identifies faults. The Lord only searches for goodness in a devotee, not faults and sins. Your assessment of the Lord is dependent on your feelings. The Lord showers grace on those endowed with righteousness, irrespective of race, wealth and gender.

- Prema Vahini, Ch 46.

Sathya Sai Baba
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Develop righteousness. Live and act in joy and love. You will attain salvation without fail. - Baba