Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
12 Jan 2016
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What is the greatest disease? How should we deal with it? Bhagawan gives us a significant message that will make a difference in our daily living.  

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'Conversation between Prof. G. Venkataraman and Prof. George Ordal, a visiting professor from the USA'

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H2H Special:
''If You are God, Give Me Peace'
- An Oncologist's Spiritual
Nip and Tuck'

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Sathya Sai Baba

The greatest disease is the absence of peace. When the mind is peaceful, your body will be healthy. So everyone who craves for good health must pay attention to their emotions, feelings, and motives that animates them. Just as you wash clothes, you must wash your mind free from dirt every day. To cleanse your mind you should mix in good company and avoid dirt elements like falsehood, injustice, indiscipline, cruelty, hate, etc. Truth, righteousness, peace, love - these form the clean elements. If you inhale the pure air of clean elements, your mind will be free from evil bacilli and you will be mentally sturdy and physically strong. As Vivekananda said, you should have nerves of steel and muscles of iron. You must brim in hope and joy as your unshakable resolution, not display despair and dejection.

- Divine Discourse, Sep 21, 1960.

Your face is moulded by your mind; your face is indeed your mind’s photograph, reflecting its moods, decisions, desires and intentions. - Baba