Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
13 Jan 2016
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What are the important lessons we should learn from Sun-God? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.  

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'Childrens Hour - Episode 31
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'The Dramas of Life Divine - Sri Krishna Tattwa Darshanam'

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Sathya Sai Baba

For all actions, the inspirer, the performer and the experiencer is the Sun-God. For people caught up in a meaningless existence and going through an endless round of futile activities, the Sun-God stands out as the exemplar of tireless and selfless service. He enjoys no respite from work. He is above praise and censure. He carries on his duties with absolute equanimity. Everything he does is only for the well-being of the world and not to cause any harm. Draw inspiration from Sun-God. The world cannot survive without the Sun. Life on earth is possible only because of the Sun. The Sun teaches man the lesson of humble devotion to duty, without any conceit. The Sun is the supreme example for everyone that one should do one’s duty with devotion and dedication. Doing one's duty is the greatest Yoga, as pointed out by Krishna in the Gita. Let your actions and thoughts be good. You will then experience the Bliss Divine.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 15, 1992

The love of God will dispel the ignorance and conceit of man as the Sun
dispels the morning mist. - Baba