Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
28 Jan 2016
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Why does life appear difficult and overpowering at times and light some other time? What should we do to balance? Bhagawan lovingly gives us a clarion call today.  

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'Tabla concert by Ustad Zakir Hussain during the 90th birthday celebrations - 24 Nov 2015'

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'Healing Touch: Cure from Venom Through Love and Care'

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If you are careless about the discipline of truth, every duty laid on you by dharma and every action prompted by dharma will hang heavy as a burden. Hence, you must search for the reality behind all these phenomena in your daily living, and that search will make all your duties, which are dharmic actions, light and pleasant. The Lord has designed people such that they are inclined towards God and are delighted at the expansion of their vision, and are happy when they are moral and virtuous. So, people must serve their own best interests by adhering to their basic nature, by concentrating on the Divine (Brahman), by assiduously cultivating truth, and by rigorously practicing right conduct (dharma).

- Dharma Vahini, Ch 13.

Sathya Sai Baba
Thursday Darshan Video - 81
Your good conduct is your true wealth. - Baba