Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
26 Feb 2016
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What is the nature of the happiness we enjoy every day? How can we make it permanent? Bhagawan lovingly explains us today.  

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'Conversation with Chief Justice M N Venkatachaliah - Chancellor, SSSIHL'

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'Spiritual Questions And Answers - Part 19 - By Prof. G. Venkataraman'

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Sathya Sai Baba

In this vast world, every living being desires happiness that is eternal. Where can we attain this happiness from? Beauty is happiness, and happiness is the nectarous essence of life. Which objects are beautiful in this world? A number of objects attract people in various ways. You think it is the beauty of the objects that attracts. But beauty is temporary, whether it is in human beings, birds, animals, or things. For example, this is a rose. It looks so beautiful. Its beauty gives happiness. But how long will its beauty last? It may be there till today or tomorrow. Thereafter all its petals will fall down and it will lose its shine. When it loses its beauty, it will no longer give you happiness. Thus in this world, you cannot find permanent beauty and permanent happiness. Only God is permanent in this world; the rest is temporary like passing clouds. Everlasting happiness can be attained only from God.

- Divine Discourse Jul 22, 1996.

True devotion really means installing the Divine in the heart and enjoying
the bliss of that experience. - Baba