Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
16 Apr 2016
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What is the attitude (Bhava) with which we must listen to the life of an Avatar? Bhagawan gives us a clarion call today quoting Ramayana as an example.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

Don’t look upon Rama as a scion of the Solar Dynasty, or the son of Emperor Dasaratha. These correlates are but accessory and accidental. A habitual error in modern readers is they pay attention only to the personal relationship and affiliations between the characters of the story they read without delving into the values they represent and demonstrate. Just as people squeeze juice out of the fibrous cane and drink its sweetness, just as the bee sucks the honey in the flower, regardless of its symmetry and colour, so too the spiritual seeker (Sadhaka) should yearn to imbibe the expression of tenderness, pity and compassion with which Ramayana is saturated, paying no heed to other subjects. Those who seek the expression of compassion in Ramayana should concentrate more on the central narrative than on supplementary details that embellish or encumber it. Listen to the Ramayana in that mood; that is the best form of spiritual listening (Shravana).

- Ramakatha Rasavahini, Ch 1.

Fullness in life is marked by the harmony of thought, word and deed. - Baba