Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
23 Apr 2016
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What is the craving all seekers must have and what is the path to attain this? Bhagawan gives us a clarion call today.  

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'Vedam tutor - Episode 2
- Ganapati Atharva Seersham'

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'Video - Tryst with Divinity - Interview with Dr. Victor Kanu - Part 1'

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Since I moved freely among people, talking and singing with them, even intellectuals were unable to grasp My truth, My power, My glory, or My real task as Avatar. I can solve any problem however knotty. I am beyond the reach of the most intensive enquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognised My love and experienced it can assert that they have glimpsed My reality. Do not attempt to know Me through the external eyes. When you go to a temple and stand before the image of God, you pray with closed eyes, don't you? Why? Because you feel that the inner eye of wisdom alone can reveal Him to you. Therefore do not crave from Me trivial material objects; but, crave for Me from within, and you will be rewarded. The path of Love is the royal road that leads mankind to Me. My grace is ever available to devotees who have steady love and faith.

- Divine Discourse, 19 June 1974.

Sathya Sai Baba
Fullness in life is marked by the harmony of thought, word and deed. - Baba