Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
18 May 2016
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What is the purpose of sacrifice in our spiritual progress? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.  

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'Fleeting Moments Lasting Memories - Dr. M. Sainath - Part 2'

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'Video: Tryst With Divinity - Interview with Dr. Victor Kanu - Part 3'

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The Vedas advocate us to sacrifice everything, and through sacrifice we would be able to have vision of the Divine within. The creation and its maintenance depends only on sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice, there will be no life, and the society will not remain intact. Even from a worldly perspective, if we do not give out the breath that we take in, we cannot live. If blood is not constantly flowing from one place to another every instant, we cannot live. Unless the clouds give up the water they have gathered, they cannot remain as clouds. That is why it is said, what you cannot get by your knowledge and effort can be got by sacrifice. If we think that something is good and welcome it, some bad too may come in the process. That which gives you happiness when it comes will also cause sorrow when it goes away from you. Whether it is the good or the bad, we have to sacrifice continuously.

- Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1974, Vol 1, Ch 2.

Sathya Sai Baba
Desire destroys devotion, anger destroys wisdom, greed destroys work – hence these bad qualities must be sacrificed. - Baba