Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
28 Aug 2016
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How can we practise spirituality even while engaging in our mundane life every day? Bhagawan lovingly implores us today to 'raise the bar'.  

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'Saints, the Soul of India -
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'The Thirst of God - Reminiscences of revealing moments at Kodai'

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People today are totally immersed in worldly concerns and do not devote any attention to the spiritual quest. It is true, involvement in worldly affairs cannot be given up totally. But all such actions can be sanctified by performing them in a spirit of dedication to the Divine. To proceed from the human condition to the Divine in man, the only practical way is the Principle of Love (Prema Tattva). From the Mahabharata take the example of the fate of Karna and the destiny of Arjuna which indicates the difference between one who does not have Divine grace and another who has the benefit of Divine grace. While Karna, who was associated with the wicked Kauravas, met with a tragic end, despite his many talents; Arjuna who was a firm devotee of the Lord, was blessed with victory. Many scriptures aptly demonstrate the power of the Lord's grace to transform the human to the state of the Divine.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 21, 1992.

Sathya Sai Baba
Desire destroys devotion, anger destroys wisdom, greed destroys work
– hence these bad qualities must be sacrificed. - Baba